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The Blood Donor Program

Who We Are

The Blood Donor Program is a small community based blood center within Dartmouth-Hitchcock, in Lebanon, NH. The program has been around for many years, but unfortunately, because the program does not currently have a mobile operation, members of the community do not know it exists. The program is now trying to be more proactive and has begun engaging the community, due to the need of blood products within the community. To put the need in perspective, Dartmouth-Hitchcock transfused over 15,000 patients last year, but collected less than 17% of the blood transfused. This means that 83% of the blood products had to be purchased from vendors. There have been times when the program is short (due to a shortage from the vendor) and a leukemia patient has had to wait weeks for a platelet transfusion. The Blood Donor Program is the program that wants to help ensure that no patient ever has to wait for the transfusion they need at any of our community hospitals.

What We Do

The Blood Donor Program collects whole blood, plasma, and platelets from eligible donors. The Program operates Monday – Thursday from 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. Walk-ins are excepted and appointments can be made online, by phone, or by email. The blood products collected at The Blood Donor Program are transfused to patients within the community; meaning, the blood that you donate at the program, helps the patients within our community.


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