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Hartford Dismas House

Who We Are

The mission of Dismas of Vermont (our parent org.) is to reconcile prisoners with society and society with prisoners. Dismas has been operating in Vermont since 1986; the Hartford house opened in 2014. Dinners with community volunteers are the highlight of our day.

What We Do

During the day, Dismas residents go to work appointments and/or to school.  In the evening, all come together to share the evening meal and afterward they may attend 12 step meetings, help with chores, prepare for the next day, re-connect with their families, relax, socialize with students, who may also be studying.  The evening meal is the centerpiece of the day, where community building takes place.  One of the chief ingredients is the presence of our volunteer cooks, as they come month after month and become an important part of the Dismas community.